Happy Customer Story at Cartwright Motors

James Sharkey came in and bought his first truck from Cartwright Motors, Las Vegas. He fell in love with it, he couldn't have been any happier. However, a few months ago he got into a pretty bad accident and totaled the car. Fortunately, he was ok. He came back to us to help him find a new car. He never would have thought we were going to find him a car as amazing as the first one, but he was willing to give it a try. Today he just left Cartwright Motors, Las Vegas with his new truck! He fell in love again. He really wanted to share with everyone how satisfied he was with the service and help of everyone at Cartwright Motors.

How To Control And Direct Any Conversation

Being able to control and direct any conversation, be that professional or just social, is a skill that will put you one step ahead of everyone. Understanding the difference between content and context and how to use content in a certain context is the main key to actually getting what you want, when you want! This video is just a quick sneak peak into Andrew's full-length lesson on communication that will be available in his coaching package. Stay posted for more quality content and the launch date of the coaching package.