Confidential VAULT

Located underground and surrounded by  720 degrees of concrete resides the Confidential Vaults. Offering the highest level of security, while promising its customers anonymous, private confidentiality and untraceable storage of their most personal confidential information and items. Privacy is our first priority at any cost. A true alternative to conventional bank vault systems, which through your identity can be levied, subject to lien, seized etc. By contrast, we never ask for your name, social security number, drivers license or any other government identification. Instead we use state of the art biometric equipment to carefully associate your physical body, and only yours, to your personal vault. Confidential Vaults’ staff are the highest trained, armed and professional. Confidential Vaults ultimately provides excellent value and security to its customers.

Welcome!   OPEN   10-10-2010.
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The ultimate in privacy with biometric security.