We don’t advertise at all and our business comes directly from referrals from our clients.

Its all about the UPSIDE! Our contracts are geared to compensate up on the upside we can create together with companies. Our team of specialists have been a widely respected business consulting firm since 1994, specializing in:

  • Rapid Business Improvements
    • Measurable Improvements in Weeks to Months not Years(example)
  • Increased Profits
    • Direct Impact on Bottom Line (example)
  • Improving Quality
    • Multiplier effect (x2,x3) not increments (example)
  • Compliance to Industry Regulations

Our philosophy focuses on making real change quickly, averaging 60% improvement in 60 days, with over $1 Billion dollars in documented savings at over 25 organizations


We have a proven track record with clients in many types of manufacturing including:

  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Sporting Goods Manufacturers
  • Machining Operations

Our clients have consistently experienced improvements of 60% in reduced cycle times and improved productivity in R & D, manufacturing & distribution resulting in improved customer response, higher quality and higher profits.


Using the business knowledge accumulated in real world transformations and turnarounds,  our team can quickly lead you to significant improvements, typically averaging 60% improvement in 60 days.

After a review of your current business status and practices, we can quickly select the appropriate approach to rapidly and fundamentally transform your business into a lean, profitable enterprise.

Our team use a unique blend of business savvy, fundamental principles of Lean Operations, Non-Value-Added Analysis, Theory of Constraints, Just in Time and Demand Driven principles specifically customized for your company and situation.

Consulting services include:

  • Senior Management Assessment and Constraint Identification – Review the entire business to identify the real constraint to profitability by using the business savvy and experience that Dick and his team bring, to swiftly identify and resolve profitability limitations.
  • Sales Force Transformation
  • Demand Driven Transformation -Whether you are producing to order or to an inventory target -cut the waste out and get products to your customers when THEY want them without highly complex and costly systems.
  • MRP to Kanbans -Supply Chain Reduction & Management
  • Manufacturing/Shop Floor Cycle time reduction from months/weeks to days/hours
  • Batch Manufacturing to Continuous Flow Manufacturing
  • Factory, Warehouse, Assembly Line and Workstations, Design & Layouts to Support and Enhance Lean Manufacturing
  • Research and Development Cycle Time Reduction
  • Document Change Control – Document Reduction
  • Human Resources and the Dreaded Reviews
  • Cost Accounting -Costly to complex to streamlined and useful
  • Facility & Equipment Maintenance – Getting Lean
  • Strategic Marketing Evaluation
  • Design & Brand Consulting

    Training includes:

    • Non-Value-Added Analysis -Value Stream Mapping
    • JIT – Batch to Continuous Flow
    • Demand Driven Pull Signals
    • Theory of Constraints
    • Lesson Learned -What works in the Real World.
    • Simple Tools for Powerful Results
    • “Go” Exercise – Finding Constraints on the Manufacturing Floor
    • Penny Exercise – Teaching Dynamic Line Balancing
    • Lego Exercise – Identifying the Constraint and Line Balance
    • Light Box
    • Business Barometer
    • Measurements
    • Facility/workstation layouts to support lean operations